The Cowboy Bar

I love where I love. It is close enough to tourist areas that I can get the touristy things if I want them, but just far enough out that I do not have to put up with tourists all of the time. One of my favorite places is what I call the “Cowboy Bar” because there is a band who performs there and they wear cowboy hats. The banjo player asked me the first night what I would like to hear and I said Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. He did not blink or flinch and played it beautifully. I have taken them to Pai and they played at a friend’s barbecue. They are a great bunch of guys and I am lucky they are only a 8 minute walk from where I live. Here are a few photos of them. The girls are my friends from Vietnam and one of them is graduating from business school in Kyoto this September. She speaks Japanese, Vietnamese, and English. She is my “daughter” and means the world to me.