Newport, Oregon

When I moved from Portland, I went to Newport and lived there for 2 great years. As you can see from the photos, Newport is a fishing village and I lived on the water an my view was of the bridge you see, The Yaquina. I also met some real characters. The two fishermen you see are captains in fishing boats, and the musicians are great. One hosts a jam session on Sundays at this bar and they get some really talented musicians. The other one with the long grey beard is named Swede and Johnny Cash asked him to open for him one night after hearing him in some bar. Great guys all of them! Newport also has a incredible 4th of July fireworks show and those were taken from my deck. Not too bad a life there. Just inland are some Oregon’s covered wooden bridges that are still in use. The final shot is of Thor’s well and you can see the large waves crashing from behind, and then the well catches the water and drains from below the well. Fascinating.