Celadon, Chiang Mai

I have really luck to meet some mazing people here. There is a factory in Doi Suket which produces Celadon ware. I love Celadon and really appreciate the artwork that goes into making it. When I first visited I got tour of the museum and I saw 2 mugs that I really liked, I inquired about them and the woman told me that the artist had died and out of respect for him, they no longer made this design. I knew right away I liked them. They subsequently asked me for some shots which I am sharing with you. I had prints made of all of the workers you will see and gave them to them. You would have thought from their gratitude I had just bought them a house, Anyway, the first shot is of the owner feeding her chickens, each of whit has a name. The following shots are of the temple, the workroom and them working on their beautiful wares. I am told that even the princess has bought things here.