Peter Brock

I grew up in California but always yearned to see the world. A career and passion for photography afforded me that opportunity. I also love learning and anyone who has tried photography knows the possibilities and frustrations photography affords are endless: lighting, posing, filters, software, etc. I hope I will be photographing and learning until the day I pass.

I have a passion for people photography – especially young children and old people. I live in Chiang Mai as it affords me endless photography opportunities and allows me fairly easy travel all over Asia. I find the Asian culture fascinating; so different from the culture in which I was raised. Here people accept rather than judge. I wish the US would be more like that and that is one reason I stay here. Here, the philosophy is to accept and love rather than to be afraid and to judge. If we open our hearts to opportunities to learn we are blessed.

A camera and a smile always let me explore new cultures. I am also passionate about helping orphans. I feel very fortunate that the people here have taught me a new way of life. Heck, even the poorest of families have invited me into their homes for dinner. Here they may not have much, but they share whatever food they have. I am lucky to live in this culture and hope everyone gets a chance to see the real Thailand and experience the people.

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